Leadership Development Coaching and Training

We’re en route to a major transition in social sector leadership. Unfortunately, most organizations’ leadership pipelines are thin, because the day-to-day pressures of running an organization have left little time for developing future leaders. This leadership gap also comes at a time when the very nature of organizations is changing. Leadership development is often the single best thing you can invest in.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers can be an organization’s lifeblood--or a source of frustration, uncertainty, and hand-wringing. We help develop goals, program structures, systems, and roles that make sense for your organization’s mission, needs, and stage of development. We help you adapt to the changing nature of volunteerism.


Don’t embark in the big conversations without a guide--strategic direction, community engagement, seeking common ground and unpacking policy issues and resolving conflict require expertise to set the stage, steer the process, and keep the momentum moving after the meeting or retreat, as well an impartial set of eyes.

Program Design and Planning

The devil is in his usual place: the details. Program design and planning helps ensure success in new initiatives,  programs that have drifted from their initial purpose, and programs that operate across organizational or departmental lines.

Strategic Assessments

The key component of strategic thinking, assessments of your internal and external environments allow organizations to ask the right questions, identify strategic issues, and craft responses. Strategic Assessments can be part of a formal strategic planning process, or a more flexible response to changing circumstances, opportunities, or new program development.


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